Mang species – rain and mango species, health replenishment

Mang species – rain and mango species, health replenishment

Mang species | rain and mango species, health replenishment

Mang species 2019/06/06 is the ninth solar term in the 24th solar terms, and it is the beginning of the noon month. The time is around the 6th of June of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 75°.

Introduction to the PART 1 solar terms in the May Festival, which means that there are crops in the valley.

– “Moon” of the “Seventy-two Houji Sets” refers to the harvest of awn plants such as wheat, and the “species” of awns refers to the seasons of sowing crops.

The word “Meng” is a homonym, indicating that all crops are “busy”.

Therefore, the “mountain species” is also called “busy species”, and the farmers also call it “busy seed.”

The arrival of the “Meng species” indicates that the farmers have started a busy field life.

“Monthly Seventy-two Hours Set”: “Mong, May.

It is said that there are crops of awns that can be cropped.
“Meng’s literal meaning means “the wheat with awns is fast-receiving, and the rice with awns can be planted.” At this time, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will also enter the rainy yellow season.

PART 2 Mang, three Hous, a handful of green scorpions, light smoke and indifference.

– Song people are like a good candidate.

In this solar terms, the eggs produced in the late autumn of the last year caused the yin to be born and the shells were born with small cockroaches;

The yin-like Shrike began to appear on the branches, and felt sullen and screaming;

On the contrary, they were able to learn the anti-lingual birds that other birds screamed, but stopped the tweet because they sensed the appearance of yin.

PART 3 Mang species “5 defense” Mang species look today, 螳螂 should be born.

– Tang Yuanxiao anti-heat stroke No matter the north and south, it is already hot and hard at this time, and the south has begun to have a wet and turbid atmosphere.

There will be sweat in the heat, and too much sweat will hurt the body fluid.

Therefore, attention should be paid to heatstroke prevention at this time.

Anti-eczema summer rain gradually increases, especially in the south, the air humidity is high, prone to eczema.

The cause of acute exacerbation of eczema is not only wet, hot, or poisonous.

Therefore, you should not eat spicy stimulation, strong tea coffee, fried foods, do not stay up all night to prevent heat.

When the spleen is the hottest, people often eat cold and cold drinks in order to pursue coolness.

As everyone knows, the hotter the outside world, the more relatively cold in the human body.

At this time, eating hot food or using cold drinks according to your constitution is acceptable, but if you pass too much, it will directly hurt the spleen and stomach.

Anti-injury in the summer is prone to colds, and the doctors call it “hot cold.”

Common symptoms are salivation, stuffy nose, sneezing, and sometimes fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

In the diet, you can drink green bean soup, honeysuckle, and chrysanthemum tea to clear the heat.

The anti-snoring saying goes: “Spring is sleepy, autumn is lacking, summer is snoring.

“Because of the hot summer, the temperature is too high, so that the body is sweating a lot, and the potassium is discharged with the sweat, and it is not replenished in time, causing fatigue and fatigue.

Do not drink too much boiled water immediately after a lot of sweating. You can choose to drink some juice or sugar cans to prevent excessive blood potassium.

PART 4 solar health and rain and mango species, all four are inserted.

– Southern Song · Lu You spirit pay attention to keep a relaxed, happy state, do not be angry and melancholy, so that the body can declare easy and easy.

It is necessary to sleep early and get up early to meet the yang filling, which is conducive to the operation of blood.

At this time, the weather is long and short, and there is a conditional lunch break at noon, which is beneficial to restoring physical strength and eliminating fatigue.

Clothing due to hot weather, sweat out of one, clothing should be cotton products as good, conducive to the excretion of sweat.

Also take a long bath to keep your skin clean and prevent heat stroke.

The diet and diet are based on the principle that “summer and March should be cleaned up”.

In the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen advocated that people should always “light and sweet things, big wheat songs, and always be good.””Good health care often needs less meat and more food.”

Eat more vegetables, beans, fruits, etc., such as pineapple, bitter gourd, watermelon, lychee, mango, mung bean, red bean and so on.

These foods are rich in vitamins, protein, feces, and sugar, which not only replenish nutrients necessary for the body, but also improve the body’s resistance to disease.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, to take in the vitamin C, have a certain repair and maintenance of blood vessels.

The prevention of diet therapy includes scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms and melon balls, and five kinds of simmering drinks. It has the effect of stimulating thirst, replenishing the intestines and stomach, and nourishing kidney and yin to help kidney yang.

Drink more water, dialysis due to sweating and sweat caused by the lack of human body water.

Tips: When eating nourishing, pay attention to diet, nourish, do not eat salty, too sweet, eat spicy and greasy products.

Such as lamb, beef, pork, pepper, onion, ginger, etc., in order to avoid the occurrence of internal heat and induce other diseases.

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