Nine sweet homework skin red

Nine sweet homework skin red

Nine sweet homework skin red

Today, whitening has long been unwilling to pursue pure whiteness.

It also needs white translucent, white health, and white ruddy.

But your skin is still asleep, dull and dull.

Even if you apply a lot of skin care products, it seems to have no effect.

  And the best time to maintain is before bedtime, you a few nights to let the skin relax and absorb nutrients.

Only this time will help your skin care with less effort.

Now, come to teach you the sweet homework before going to bed, to be a rosy complexion Snow White.

  Red wine mask VS sweet beating We all know about the many benefits of red wine. It is rich in a variety of minerals, can prevent oxidation of polyphenols, prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease, improve cold deficiency such as cold hands and feet.Bright eyes.

If you are not accustomed to the sour taste of wine, or are concerned about the possible harm to your health caused by excessive alcohol intake, then apply the health of wine directly to your body.

  The specific method is: Sprinkle red wine evenly on a disposable mask cloth, and then apply it on the shell for 5 minutes (except for sensitive skin).

Doing this beauty homework every night before going to bed, you will find that your complexion is really rosy.

  In addition to wine masks, you can also alternately make milk honey masks, banana lemon masks, etc.

In addition, tapping your face with your hands after cleansing your face every day is also a kind of zero-cost beauty class to make ruddy.

The so-called “no ugly woman but only lazy woman” has been confirmed once again, and women with good habits have good looks.

  Increases skin heat and elasticity by speeding up blood circulation1.

To promote the skin’s blood circulation, thereby increasing the skin’s heat and elasticity, you can try using cold and hot water to wash your face before going to bed.


Keep the lotion in the refrigerator and use a cotton pad dipped in lotion when using it. Pat the face from bottom to top until it touches your cheeks and feels cold.


Rub the palms of your hands before applying the lotion to help your face absorb nutrients.

The lotion or moisturizer is evenly absorbed on the skin and placed on the palm to cover the entire face, so that the temperature of the facial skin rises, and the nutrients in the product completely penetrate into the skin.


If fine lines appear in the corners of the eyes and mouth, you can use the method of external application of vitamin E to eliminate them. Vitamin E can quickly skin metabolism, promote blood circulation, accelerate cell repair and regeneration, and also produce anti-free radicals and improve skin elasticity.

  Soak in a comfortable bathtub. The essential oils you brought back from your last trip to Europe are kept intact. Should the hardest character in the family also pamper themselves?

A hot bath wraps the body quickly with warmth, while promoting blood circulation throughout the body.

  If you have an appointment the next day, and take a hot bath before going to bed the night before, you will find yourself looking better the next day.

  Make good keratin recovery skin from mud, no matter how good skin care products also feel like floating on the shell and some skin is fully absorbed.

Such skin, no matter how much nutrition, is naturally blessed.

Experts suggest exfoliating once every 28 days, which is exactly a cycle of skin regeneration.

  Exfoliating serum can be used at night.

There is no need to massage the skin or wash it with water after use. After rubbing it, you go to bed. It makes you wake up the next day and it is very convenient.


It is better to replenish collagen before going to bed.

To rejuvenate after a sleep, it is better to replenish collagen first.

Remember that water is the source of life, and collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can penetrate the dermis layer, improve the penetration rate of the skin, lock the moisture, and maintain the skin’s moisturizing purpose.

  Take collagen oral solution.

The oral solution will be dissolved and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and it will be used as a raw material for the body to synthesize collagen.

The biggest benefit is auto-absorption, auto-synthesis, no rejection adverse reactions, and the effect is significant, and the maintenance time is long.   Applying lemon lightly to the eyes is not shiny enough?

It doesn’t matter, as long as you use lemon, it can help you restore the “flat and fair” eyes.

However, remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while before applying it, cover the eyes with gauze, and put two lemons on it for 5 minutes.

The fresh smell also helps your sleep quality.

  Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed. Soaking your feet with hot water before going to bed can promote blood circulation and make it easy for people to go to sleep. Soak the lotion on your feet after soaking your feet. Repeated massage with your hands on the toes, soles, and feet can provide nutrition for your feet and preventFeet aging.

  Milk beauty and sleep aid milk has the magical effect of hypnosis.

Therefore, those who are prone to insomnia do not prevent drinking a glass of fresh milk before going to bed, which will relax your nerves and make you fall asleep easily.

  Relax before bedtime. Have a good night’s sleep. Relax before bedtime. Relax on a flat bed to relax your limbs and move your toes.

Promote blood circulation while relaxing muscles and have higher quality sleep.

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