Smile yoga method sunshine you and me

Smile yoga method sunshine you and me

Smile yoga method sunshine you and me

Many people do not expect that color and emotion will have a strange correspondence.

“Just as vitamins are human nourishments, color is also a nutrient that helps the brain.”

Among all colors, the green color of the plant has a harmonious quality, which is helpful for the treatment of depression. Red color has a powerful burning energy, and has the function of “heping the liver, nourishing the stomach, and widening the chest.”Stimulate tissue growth and heal wounds.

Therefore, you may wish to put more related colored flowers or potted plants in the office or home.

  Just like the mysterious correspondence between color and emotion, smile and appearance have an inextricable “fate”.

If you don’t believe it, don’t hinder the experiment. Take a photo of a person sitting in the house for a day and compare it with a photo with friends, and the results will be clear.

  Yoga smile method is not only a method to buffer the pain of physical fatigue and clear the mood, but also a magic weapon that can improve facial expression and make you more beautiful and confident.

  Practice yoga smile method 1, lotus position, breathe naturally.

  2. Exhale, tighten the abdomen and pull towards the spine as much as possible.

  3. Inhale, relax the abdomen while breathing, let the gas fill the abdomen, and then fill the chest with gas.

(At this time, you can imagine some beautiful and peaceful pictures, some boundless grasslands, sunrise on the sea, etc.) 4. Exhale, the corners of your mouth gradually relax, and the entire slender face is relaxed.

  5. Do a few more times from scratch.

  Efficacy of practice: Anyone who knows yoga can understand that this smile method is accomplished by overcoming abdominal breathing and complete breathing combined with facial expressions.

In normal life, most of our smiles are superficial, and we mainly use chest breathing, but smiles during chest breathing tend to accumulate stressful elements in the body, preventing the play of happy emotions.Breathing can give full play to the “power” of smile, to improve the expression and adjust the physiology.

  Experience sharing: When the body is full of gas, the corner of the mouth rises up and smiles, no less than the satisfaction brought by a delicious dinner or a naturally awake sleep, and the body will naturally feel the happy hug.

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